What are the two types of Instacart shoppers? (2024)

What are the two types of Instacart shoppers?

There are two different shopper roles with Instacart: full-service shopper and in-store shopper. Each has different benefits and requirements.

What are Instacart shoppers?

Instacart is an app that connects you to customers who need items delivered from local stores. You use the app to view orders in your area, choose the ones you want, then shop and deliver those items to your customers. When you get paid, you can cash out in hours and earn even more with tips for great service.

Are there different levels of Instacart shoppers?

The Cart Star program will offer impactful incentives via three tiers: Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Cart. Every qualifying shopper in the Cart Star program will receive tailored rewards and offerings through third-party partners as well as directly within the Instacart platform.

What are the different batch types for Instacart?

Batch types thatcan be available toyou
  • Shop and deliver. A batch where you shop the items at the store and deliver the customer's order to their location. ...
  • Shop-only. A batch where you only shop the items at the store. ...
  • Deliver-only. A batch where you pick up the customer's order from the store and deliver to their location.

What's the difference between Instacart shopper and Instacart driver?

Full Service shops are shopped for and delivered by the driver. Delivery Only shops are shopped for by in-store shoppers at certain stores and picked up at a certain pickup point in the store, then delivered by the driver.

What is an in shopper?

Summary: In Shoppers are responsible for greeting customers when they enter and exit the restaurant. Providing world-class customer service and executing fast and accurate sandwiches while maintaining sanitation standards. Duties and Responsibilities. Makes fast, accurate and consistent sandwiches.

Can you make $1000 a week with Instacart?

Yes, you can easily make $1,000 a week on Instacart. Some shoppers even earn $2,000 by maxing out their working hours and taking advantage of peak hours.

What happens when you hit 1000 orders on Instacart?

Starting at 1,000 batches and going all the way up to 10,000, the 24 Carrot Club will gift you with fun swag and other perks as you reach shopping milestones.

What do Instacart shoppers make per order?

Instacart shopper pay rate

Full-service shoppers can earn more through customer tips. Busier shopping times and larger orders typically yield larger tips. Full-service shoppers earn $7-$10+ per batch, plus tips. Instacart guarantees payments of at least $7-$10 per order.

Can I use Instacart with upside?

This new perk gives shoppers an extra 35¢ cash back per gallon on the first 2 fill ups, followed by cash back offers in their area. All Instacart shoppers are able to use this offer, even if you've already used the Upside app.

Can I have two Instacart shopper accounts?

Can I have two or more accounts? Instacart allows only one personal account per person or household. However, you may use a secondary account for business purposes. Accounts aren't limited to one delivery address, or even one ZIP code.

Can I have 2 Instacart orders at once?

Ordering from multiple stores

If you add items from multiple stores to your cart, you'll see items in your cart grouped by store. This creates a multiple-delivery order, with separate shoppers and delivery windows for each store. Separate delivery fees and minimums apply for each store.

Can you accept 2 different batches on Instacart?

Yes, you can select multiple batches on Instacart. They're called double batches or triple batches. Accepting multiple batches allows you to shop for two or three customers inside the same store all at once.

What are the disadvantages of Instacart?

Two Cons:
  • One downside of Instacart is that the store can be out of items even though you purchased them online. There are settings to help everyone, and you can pick between “substitute" and "refund. ...
  • It is more fun to shop in a real store for ideas and inspiration. Don't pressure yourself to shop online all the time.
Sep 13, 2023

Who gets the tip on Instacart?

100% of your tip goes directly to the shopper(s) shopping and delivering your order. For orders where 2 shoppers fulfill your order, the tip is split evenly between them. Instacart suggests a default tip based on a number of factors, such as order attributes and your tip history.

What is the highest paying role in Instacart?

Best paying Instacart sales salaries
RankPositionAverage Instacart Salary
1Personal Shopper$37,229
2Store Shopper$36,918

What is a shopper type?

The 10 types of shoppers are: the impulse buyer, the bargain hunter, the brand loyalist, the fashionista, the frequent shopper, the price conscious shopper, the product expert and many more.

Can you be an Instacart Shopper without a car?

In-store shoppers are Instacart employees who, among other things, shop and stage orders in one store at a time. These part-time shoppers work scheduled shifts, up to 29 hours per week. No car is required for this role. Individuals with a medical condition or disability may qualify for reasonable accommodations.

What is the difference between Instacart Shopper and in-store shopper?

Instacart is a service that lets customers order from local stores, for pickup or delivery. In-store shoppers work with partner retail stores to shop orders at a single location.

What is the best time to Instacart?

What is the best time of day to drive for Instacart?
  • Early weekend mornings. Instacart opens for business at 9 am or as early as your local grocery stores open. ...
  • Weekend days and nights. Busy hours don't end at noon on the weekends. ...
  • Early weekday mornings. Are you looking to make Instacart your weekly job? ...
  • Weekday evenings.
Aug 29, 2022

What is the guaranteed minimum for Instacart?

As a shopper in California, you're guaranteed to earn at least 120% of local minimum wage for each hour you spend shopping and delivering, plus $. 30 per mile driven each week — this is called a guaranteed minimum.

How do you get Instacart batches first?

Try heading to busy store locations. Shoppers who are within a mile of a busy store location have a much higher chance of seeing an available batch. Our new map view and store busyness feature will show you which areas have more demand so you can maximize your chances of getting a batch.

What is a diamond shopper?

Diamond Cart shoppers will get priority access to batches before a store opens and when they are close to the store. Priority access means they'll have a higher chance of seeing batches from that store.

Does Instacart pay more for bigger orders?

More complex batches like a larger business delivery, for example, may pay $10 or more, also in addition to tips. Instacart may pay more for batches based on the size and complexity of each order.

How much can you make with Instacart per day?

The average earning of an Instacart driver in the United States is $13.88 per hour, and the range may vary from $7.25 to $25.59 depending on the area and city of delivery operations. This means for an 8-hour shift, you can expect to earn a minimum of $111 per day shopping for Instacart.

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