Where do celebrities live in Los Angeles? (2024)

Where do celebrities live in Los Angeles?

The Beverly Hills Post Office area and the Trousdale Estates are particularly favored by celebrities. Beverly Hills neighborhoods that are popular with celebrities include Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills Flats, Beverly Park, Mullholand Estates, Benedict Canyon, and Coldwater Canyon.

Where do most of the celebrities live in LA?

The Beverly Hills Post Office area and the Trousdale Estates are particularly favored by celebrities. Beverly Hills neighborhoods that are popular with celebrities include Trousdale Estates, Beverly Hills Flats, Beverly Park, Mullholand Estates, Benedict Canyon, and Coldwater Canyon.

What part of LA do actors live?

A rule of thumb is to live in the most southern part of The Valley, directly above West Hollywood and Hollywood. This is a great place for actors, and that's where I live. Westside Los Angeles. This is the most well-known and the most expensive area in the whole city.

How common is it to see celebrities in LA?

Los Angeles is one of the easiest places to encounter celebrities because many people who work in the entertainment industry live here. You might see a familiar face at a coffee shop or go to a brunch and realize your sister's roommate's cousin is childhood friends with that guy on that TV show.

What street in LA has the most celebrities?

While celebrities live all over Hollywood Hills, there are a few particular streets in Beverly Hills that are incredibly star-studded, including Alpine Drive, Bedford Drive, Benedict Canyon Drive, and, most famously of all, Mulholland Drive.

What street do celebrities live in LA?

Celebrities can be found in every corner of the city, but when it comes to Beverly Hills, there are a few streets in particular where they can be found. All the big Hollywood tours know that some of the best celebrity homes are on Mulholland Drive, Alpine Drive, Bedford Drive, and Benedict Canyon.

Can you drive by celebrities houses in LA?

Beverly Hills is the iconic address for movie stars to live in. Remember that these are private homes. You drive by -- you DO NOT stop, trespass, ring the doorbell or intrude on the residents' privacy.

Where to drive to see celebrity houses LA?

Mulholland Drive is the perfect place to do some celebrity sightseeing. After all, several major stars own homes on the scenic Beverly Hills Road.

Where do most auditions happen in LA?

As an actor in L.A., you may want to live near where you'll be working. Your auditions will likely be concentrated around Hollywood, the Valley (mostly Burbank and Studio City), and Westside locations such as Santa Monica and Culver City.

Do celebrities still live in Los Angeles?

Celebrities in LA reside in various neighborhoods, including Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, and hidden enclaves. The allure of LA's celebrity residents lies in the luxurious lifestyle, access to world-class amenities, and career opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Do celebrities prefer New York or LA?

While both Los Angeles and New York City have their fair share of famous residents, I must say that Los Angeles is often considered the Hollywood epicenter and home to a larger number of celebrities.

Do celebrities still eat at the Ivy?

What was once so spectacular about the Ivy has waned in recent years, though the restaurant itself remains a popular dining locale for Hollywood power brokers.

Do any celebrities live in Venice Beach?

Pink and Carey Hart. Singer Pink and her husband, motocross racer Carey Hart, have made Venice Beach their home for many years. Their residence, reflecting their unconventional and edgy style, stands out even in this eclectic neighborhood.

Where does Rihanna eat in LA?

Rihanna's Favorite L.A. Restaurant Giorgio Baldi is the Ultimate Chic — Yet Cozy — Italian.

What grocery stores do celebrities shop at in LA?

Its popularity grew in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when lockdowns made grocery stores one of the few places people were able to go outside their houses. Erewhon is often visited by stars like Cara Delevigne, Miley Cyrus, Jake Gyllenhaal, A$AP Rocky, Hilary Duff and more.

What mall do celebrities go to in LA?

Located adjacent to Beverly Hills, the Robertson Boulevard shopping district in West Hollywood is well-known for celebrity sightings and the paparazzi that stake out The Ivy during daytime hours. Stores like Alicia + Olivia, All Saints, Les Habitudes, Chanel, Intermix, and Vince are all ones to watch.

Do any celebrities live in downtown LA?

In the past, few high-profile showbizzers lived downtown, although Johnny Depp, Diane Keaton, Vincent Gallo and Nicolas Cage have been linked to marquee properties like the Eastern Columbia Building and Biscuit Lofts.

How do celebrities go out in public?

Celebrities often use a variety of strategies to maintain privacy and enjoy normal activities. Some may visit private clubs, exclusive venues, or arrange for private screenings at cinemas. Others may have security teams or personal assistants who help create a buffer between them and the public.

Where the rich live in LA?

Bel Air. Bel Air tops the list of richest areas in Los Angeles. Its opulent real estate, exclusive ambiance, historical ties to prominent residents, and celebrities contribute to its reputation.

Where can I meet the most celebrities?

Visit Los Angeles, New York City, or London.

Many celebrities live in these cities, and spending time there may increase your chances of meeting someone famous.

What airport do celebrities use in California?

Van Nuys Airport (VNY, KVNY)

The airport is conveniently located in the city limits. Furthermore, it offers quality service, including increased privacy, leading celebrities and business travelers on private jets in Los Angeles.

Can you walk up to a celebrities house?

Not illegal - so long as there's public access to the front door (ie - you don't need to climb a locked gate to get to it) !

Where can I see celebrities in Beverly Hills?

In Beverly Hills, The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Spago Beverly Hills are both well-documented haunts of the glitterati, while vegan Mexican destination Gracias Madre—a fave of Taylor Swift—is such a celebrity hangout that you can often see paparazzi posted up outside, just waiting for the next megastar ...

What celebrities live in Bel Air?

Currently, Bel Air is a quiet residential neighbourhood of luxury properties where endless plots of land surround magnificent mansions. Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift and Ronald Reagan are some of the celebrities who have lived there.

Can you drive past celebrity homes in Beverly Hills?

Can you drive by celebrity homes in Beverly Hills? Beverly Hills houses many famous Hollywood celebs, and you can drive by these celebrities' homes but do not stop. These homes are private property and personal space.

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